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Basilio Paredes Architecture & Design is committed to creating space tailored to needs, efficiently managing the project. As an Architect I carry out my activity in Murcia and Alicante, Spain.

Full Architecture is the main concept of Basilio Paredes Arquitectura y Diseño. That is, I consider the bespoke design of the container and the content, the design of both the spaces and the elements that dress them. For this I seek to respond to the needs of the client.

In this way, it is achieved that the space that is projected has a relationship with the objects it houses from the project phase itself. Maintaining a strong commitment to authenticity, seeking to eliminate unnecessary elements.«Less is more», la cita de Mies Van der Rohe es totalmente aplicable a la ideosincrasia de mis proyectos.

Designing furniture and finishes allows to qualify the experiences that the architecture itself tries to express with the spaces. It is about transmitting sensations to the occupant of the space. In short the Architecture as a physical representation of the needs and interests of its occupants.


A selection of professional services is offered fully adaptable to your needs. From planting a new home, reforms or advice. To get in touch without obligation you can access here, We speak?


teletrabajo arquitecto

New post in the blog!

Architects have a profession in which it is convenient to know the new Telework Law. The experience of confinement as a result of the Covid 19 virus has forced measures and social changes that were beginning to take their steps to be accelerated. As a consequence of this, the Spanish government passed the new Telework Law on September 22. After months of negotiations with the employers and the unions. The question is how the telework law will affect the Construction sector and specifically the world of architects.

Entrevista arquitecto murciano

The interview

Interview conducted in Cadena Ser on 05-06-2020 by Alejandro Moya Bayo in relation to the article: "Urban development of the city of Cartagena". Fue una entrevista distendida en la que hablamos de la historia de la ciudad y su configuración urbana desde el punto de vista de un arquitecto murciano. Podeis acceder a un artículo sobre el tema colgado en Cadena Ser en el siguiente link.


Residential Architecture

Housing projects, both single-family and collective. Rehabilitation projects and interior reforms are also shown. Housing is the most important investment we make in life, that is why a custom project is the best decision.

Collective Architecture

Collective projects, as well as spaces that, due to their characteristics, correspond to the community. Collaborative work and contests are included. Architecture competitions allow ideas to be unleashed while providing learning as each project is carried out.


Projects related to furniture design, drawing and industrial design. The design is proposed as a complement to the space, establishing a conceptual relationship. Projects that cannot be incorporated into a specific category are included.


Request information or request a budget without obligation for any project. Leave a message in the questionnaire and I will contact you within a maximum period of 24 hours. Possibility of a face-to-face appointment in the Region of Murcia and Alicante (Spain).

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