My name is Basilio Paredes and how architecture professional I raise my work as a commitment in creating the custom space. Starting from the needs of my clients, always with the utmost respect for built environment. For this, I efficiently manage the architectural project and seek to optimize the process to save time and money. Work as architect in Murcia and Alicante, being able to move to the entire Levante.

The Total Architecture It is my hallmark as a professional. That is, I consider the custom design both the spaces and the elements that dress them, that is, furniture and finishes. With this I seek to respond to the needs of the client and their aesthetic taste.

In this way it is achieved that the architectural space that is projected has a relationship with the objects it houses from the project phase itself. «Less is more», the quote from Mies Van der Rohe it is fully applicable to the ideosyncrasy of my projects.

Designing furniture and distribution together allows to qualify the experiences that the own architecture try to express in the new construction. In short I propose the architecture as a physical representation of the needs and interests of its inhabitants.

Virtual architecture

To build a custom home communication of the project is essential. For this I work with images and Virtual tours that allow all project decisions to be made before building, saving thousands of euros to the client.

As work?

To perform a housing project or reform tailored to the client, I divide my work into several phases.

1. Preliminary draft

I raise the idea initial project. Several meetings are held and the distribution, materiality and decoration are outlined.

2. Basic Project

It is written in order to obtain the building license of the townhall. This is the last phase where changes must be made to the project to avoid cost overruns.

3. Execution project

In this phase the structural calculation and all the documents are written to be able to build the project.

4. Construction management

I carry out the on-site control of the project, guaranteeing the quality of execution.

Virtual tour of your home

Use the mouse or your finger in the mobile version to scroll the image 360 °. Change scene using the lower selector.


Housing projects, both single-family and collective. Also shown rehabilitation projects and interior renovations. Housing is the most important investment we make in life, that is why a custom project is the best decision. As a professional of construction sector I look for the most suitable constructive and spatial solutions for each case.


A selection of professional services fully adaptable to your needs. As architect I have a great versatility from building a new home, reforms or advice. To get in touch without obligation you can access here. I carry out my activity as professional in all the I raised. We speak?


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    Virtual visit to the archaeological site of La Fonteta

    I have made one virtual tour in La Fonteta in which I have tried one interactive musealization to spread wealth.

    A few weeks ago I was able to see the archaeological site of La Fonteta in Guardamar del Segura. In this archaeological site, a few meters away there is a 8th century BC Phoenician city and a Rábita (Islamic monastery) from the 10th century AD

    visita virtual patrimonio


    Other projects developed, public architecture, architecture competitions, and design. Below you can see a sample of the most relevant projects I have done.

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    Request information or request a budget without obligation for any architecture project. Leave a message in the questionnaire and I will contact you within a maximum period of 24 hours. possibility of face-to-face appointment in the Region of Murcia and Alicante (Spain).

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    Places where I work

    As architect in Murcia, I can move around the entire area of the I raised. Click on the location to access the page for each town.


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