Basilio Paredes Architecture & Design – Murcia

Basilio Paredes Arquitectura y Diseño se compromete con la creación del espacio a medida de las necesidades, gestionando de forma eficiente el proyecto.


Full Architecture is the main concept of Basilio Paredes Arquitecture & Design - Murcia. That is, we consider the custom design of the continent and the content, the design of both the spaces and the elements that dress them.

In this way it is achieved that the space that is projected has a relationship with the objects that it houses from the project phase itself. We maintain a strong commitment to authenticity, seeking to eliminate unnecessary elements. «Less is more», Mies Van der Rohe's quote is totally applicable to the ideosyncrasy of our projects. Simplicity and aesthetic honesty being the main requirement for elegance.

Designing furniture and finishes allows to clarify the experiences that the architecture itself tries to express with the spaces. In short, we consider Architecture as a physical representation of the needs and interests of its occupants.

Interview conducted in Cadena Ser on 06-05-2020 by Alejandro Moya Bayo in relation to the article: «Urban development of the city of Cartagena. You can access an article on the topic captured in Cadena Ser in the following link.


New article, Influence of the Viking attacks on the rise of the City of Murcia on Orihuela as a political and economic headquarters in the Río Segura valley.


Collective projects, as well as spaces that, due to their characteristics, correspond to the community. Collaborative work and contests are included.


Housing projects, both single-family and collective. Rehabilitation projects and interior renovations are also shown.


Projects related to furniture design, drawing and industrial design. Projects that cannot be incorporated into a specific category are included.