Home legalization

The housing legalization It is a process by which an existing house that is out of standard can obtain the first occupation license from the municipality.

What is an illegal house?

A dwelling is considered to be illegal when It has not been built with the corresponding planning license and therefore lacks a certificate of habitability of first occupation. It must be taken into account that the house can be registered in the property registry or pay the IBI. And this will not make it legal, since the only public entity that can legalize it is the Municipal Council.

  • If the house pays IBI, it only indicates that the treasury considers it a real estate. This does not legalize it.
  • Having a property deed does not legalize the home. The deed identifies the owner.

How can I know if my house is legal?

A house is legal only if it has the habitability certificate of first occupation.

The certificate of habitability is also known as first occupation license or declaration of responsibility for first occupation.

The certificate of occupancy is provided by the town hall of the municipality where the house is located.

You can find out if you have a First Occupation Certificate by reviewing the deeds of the house, since the notary may have attached this license or made some note in this regard.

How is the legalization of housing carried out?

Housing works that required a planning license can be legalized as long as they conform for the most part to planning regulations. 

For this, a housing legalization project is needed, which is intended to specify compliance with urban regulations to obtain its legalization before the municipality.

What benefits do I get when legalizing a home?

Legalizing homes has many benefits, among which we can highlight:

  • home revaluation
  • Legal rental possibility
  • Access to possible purchases
  • Possibility of registration as a tourist rental
  • Possibility of using the home as a bank guarantee for a mortgage

I have found out that my house is illegal, what process can I follow to legalize it?

The first thing is to find out if it is possible to legalize the home, since it depends on municipal regulations and it is not possible in all cases.

One time done this, must be open a legalization file at the town hall and, if it is necessary to adapt to the norm through a housing reform project.

Single After obtaining the certificate of occupancy by the city council, the house is considered legal. After this, the certificate of occupancy must be added to the property registry and the house would be legalized.

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