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The Real estate They are real estate properties, such as buildings or houses. They are usually properties that go up in price during economic bonanzas and become difficult to sell during crises. That is why there are times that they drop in price below its value being a great investment. The key to this situation lies in having the money to buy the property. Given the the opportunities They tend to occur in times of economic downturn, where banks make it difficult to access a mortgage. A real estate investment report It will allow you to have data that assess the possible profitability of the purchase of a property.

Housing, the oldest investment asset in the world.

The home sale or rent is one of the oldest investments that exist. In fact, the first urban regulations to avoid speculation were made in Ancient Rome. A home rental can recover the investment in approximately ten years if a good opportunity has been taken. But keep in mind that a home can be a very bad buy if the price is inflated by a speculative bubble.

There are many real estate offers that at first glance seem opportunities. Although after making the report they have been revealed as dire investments. Do not be carried away by appearances.

What does a real estate investment report include?

To write the report I must visit the property, to which I will make a photographic report. During the visit I will look for structural and finishing flaws and then assess them. The dossier will include the following sections:

1. Building details: Where will the catastals references and a brief overview of the environment.

2. Property documentation: The following documents are requested from the property. In the event that the property does not have any of them, their cost must be taken into account to establish the purchase offer:

  • Certificate of occupancy or second occupation license: Essential to rent, it means that the property meets the minimum conditions for living.
  • Energy certificate: It is mandatory for the sale and rental
  • IEE, ITE. Building Assessment reports are required for buildings over 50 years old and must be renewed every 10 years.
  • Cadastral valuation or copy of IBI payment: It is necessary to know how much taxes will be paid for the property in question.

3. Visual inspection of the building. Description of the building accompanied by the photographs taken during the visit.

4. Necessary actions in case of rehabilitation of the building. Description of the reform works necessary to leave the property in optimal conditions for renting or selling.

5. Investigation of the urban parameters of the property. The building, maximum height, setbacks and other measures that affect the property will be consulted in the PGOU of the municipality.

6. Estimated market valuations. Property valuations will be carried out for the following cases. Using the properties for sale in the area as a reference in order to guide the most profitable option.

  • Building renovation
  • Demolition and construction of a new building
  • Solar value

7. Conclusions

ANNEXED. Building plans, the scale of the building will be lifted if necessary.

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