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Activity license

The Activity license or opening license is a mandatory municipal permit that can be used to carry out commercial, industrial or service activities in the premises, warehouse or office. This municipal license certifies the validity of the proposed location in accordance with current municipal regulations and current technical regulations.

What is an activity license for?

The activity license or opening license is a requirement to open a commercial establishment or business. Ensures that urban regulations are respected and

Types of activity license or opening license

harmless activities

Activities that do not cause significant nuisance, environmental effects (health, noise, hygiene), damage to public or private property, or risk to people. For example, small businesses such as shops or small offices.

Qualified Activities

They are considered annoying, unhealthy, noisy and/or dangerous. They are usually industrial or livestock activities that generate more than 70 dB, water or gas discharges or are dangerous.

How do I know if my activity is considered safe or qualified environmental?

Below we offer a list of the most common activities that require Environmental Qualification:

harmless activities

  • Offices
  • butchers. Warehouses or sale of meats.
  • fishmongers Stores or sale of fish.
  • Bakeries or confectionery workshops.
  • Stores or sale of frozen.
  • Stores or sale of fruits or vegetables.
  • hairdressers
  • Clothing store
  • Dance and dance academies.

Qualified Activities

  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars.
  • Supermarkets, supermarkets and large commercial establishments with an area of more than 2,500 m2
  • Taming of animals and riding halls.
  • poultry farm
  • pig farm
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Washing and lubrication of motor vehicles.
  • slaughterhouses

Can I open my business without an opening license?

It's not possible. It is illegal to start or start an economic activity in a place without the corresponding opening license. If you do, you could be visited by a technician from City Hall or local police and face a large fine and, worst case scenario, go out of business.

I work in the following municipalities

What laws regulate the license of activity or opening?

Region of Murcia: Law 4/2009, of May 14, on Integrated Environmental Protection

Alicante: Law 6/2014, of July 25, of the Generalitat, on Prevention, Quality and Environmental Control of Activities in the Valencian Community

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