What is architecture?

What is architecture ?, Vision and declaration of intentions. Architecture has always been a physical and spatial expression of society. Just as the great monuments of antiquity captured the idiosyncrasy and cosmology of their time, the current projects read more...

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elementos estructurales lineales


Linear structural elements in concrete are columns and beams. Concrete columns work mainly with compressive stresses and beams with flexural stress.Many times compression and bending are combined and we have read more...

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The foundation is the part of the structure that is in direct contact with the ground and serves to transmit its loads to the ground. There are three types of foundations, superficial, semi-deep and deep. The read more...

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vigueta pretensada

Precast concrete

Precast concrete systems are the greatest exponent of mechanization in the construction sector. The prefabrication allows the setting of the mortar in optimal conditions and the reduction of the construction time of the building. This allows you to expand read more...

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hormigón en arquitectura paraboloide

Use of concrete in architecture

The design of concrete structures in public buildings is the subject to be discussed in this article. The use of reinforced concrete in architecture allows an infinity of constructive solutions that allow the realization of large open spaces very read more...

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