What is architecture?

What is architecture ?, Vision and declaration of intentions. Architecture has always been a physical and spatial expression of society. Just as the great monuments of antiquity captured the idiosyncrasy and cosmology of their time, the current projects read more...

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paper architecture 1

paper architecture

Ingrid Siliakus dedicated herself to creating paper structures, an art known as 'paper architecture'. The first time he saw this technique was with a Japanese teacher, Masahiro Catani, who developed a way to read more...

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excavations on site

Excavations on site

This article describes the Excavations on site, works that give rise to the esplanade below the initial grade of the land where to locate the foundation level. The problems derived from exacation, the factors that intervene in the stability of read more...

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Actions on structures.

Actions on structures are divided into permanent, variable and accidental. The correct design of the structures will take them into account, since their function is to support them. What it is about is to obtain a reliable structure, understood as read more...

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