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The Energy Efficiency Certificate is a document required by the Ministry of Industry for all homes to be rented or purchased in Spain. This measure is intended to achieve energy improvements in all EU countries. energy certificate

From we will prepare for you and register an energy efficiency certificate 24 hours after the visit and adjusted to the regulations in 2022

What is an Energy Efficiency certificate?

The energetic certification is defined after the publication of the Royal Decree 235/2013 in Spain and includes the award of the energy efficiency label. The certificate also includes recommendations to improve energy efficiency.

Once we prepare your energy efficiency certificate, it must be registered in the administration. Registration is carried out at the regional level and has a fee of 23.23 euros in Murcia. The energy certification process ends with the issuance of a energy efficiency certificate. And assignment of the corresponding energy efficiency label. The energy efficiency class consists of seven letters that vary between the letters A (most energy efficient building) and G (least energy efficient building).

What is energetic label?

The energy label displays data about the energy rating of the building. The energy level scale consists of seven related letters already mentioned. In addition, it will include information on annual energy consumption (kWh/year and kWh/m2). And the carbon dioxide consumption (kgCO2/year and kgCO2/m2), among other data.

said label It is granted through the registration of an Energy Efficiency Certificate in the competent registry of each municipality. Y must be included in all offers, promotions and advertisements intended to sell or lease the property. For example, in the windows of real estate agencies and various internet portals, energy labels of properties for sale or rent should appear.

When is the energy certificate mandatory?

All users who want to enter the real estate market, either renting or selling a houseThey must be in possession of a energy certificate. Although in some cases this document is not required, as detailed below:

  • Religious buildings
  • Rental housing for less than 16 weeks per year
  • uninhabitable buildings
  • Provisional constructions

Duration of the energy certificate

The energy efficiency label and the energy efficiency certificate they will have one validity of 10 years from the date of issue, except energy efficiency grade G, which has one validity of 5 years. However, before the expiration of the certificate, the owner may renew it if he considers that there are differences in certain aspects of the building or in the parameters used to calculate the energy efficiency rating.

The bodies in charge of the energy certification of buildings in each autonomous community may establish specific conditions for the renewal or renewal of energy performance certificates.

Where I work?

Energy certificates in the following municipalities:

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