the southern light

inhaus modular housing competition

Project presented to the INHAUS modular housing contest.

For the fourth modular housing contest of inhouse, the design of a house that is inspired by traditional Mediterranean architecture is proposed. Oriented to filter the light to protect the interior from the summer insolation.

For this, concrete lattices are proposed that will also avoid the use of bars. For the carpentry, a sliding aluminum system is proposed in the practicable carpentry and the use of Uglass in the fixed carpentry. The advantage of Uglass lies in its thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition to the ease of cleaning and the privacy provided by being translucent.

Distribution of project spaces.

The spaces of the project are organized around a reception in a corridor marked out by Uglass panels and latticework. The access staircase to the upper floor is located there, this corridor separates the garage module and the double-height living room on the ground floor connected to the dining room and kitchen in an open-plan way. In addition, next to the stairs there is a room and a courtesy bathroom. On the upper floor there will be two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Going through the reception you reach a covered porch overlooking the pool.
The house is designed for a middle-class family made up of two adults and two children. The project occupies a rectangle of 13.50 x 16.20 m, its typical location is a plot of between 300 and 500 m² in a residential environment with a Mediterranean climate. Spaces and finishes of easy maintenance and care are proposed, not requiring domestic service. The garden is designed with gravel and drought-resistant plants allowing considerable water savings.

Interior finishes

The interior finishes will highlight the natural lighting. To do this, faded and white wood tones are chosen for the doors. In addition, plastic paint coatings will be used with a white broken by a slight ocher tone. For the flooring of the house, cladding has been chosen Come Mirage of porcelain, which is a porcelain stoneware with a rough finish with gray veining in imitation stone. The dark tone of the pavement will compensate for the light tones of the coverings and carpentry.

kitchen design

The kitchen has been designed with dark tones to contrast with the bright spaces of the house. For this, the panels and the island of the model have been used. sugi black of porcelain. The fridge and freezer are clad in the doors.
The front of the kitchen, as well as the surface of the island, are covered with golden Onyx panels, backlit with Led panels. The lighting highlights the veins and accentuates the golden hue of the stone.

Plans of the fourth Inhaus modular housing competition.

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