Residential architecture

Taurus recycled plastic housing


The Taurus project was carried out for Conferhomes Ltd. It was projected as a social housing proposal in Nairobi, Kenya. Recycled plastic housing is conceived as an opportunity to provide employment, decent housing and at the same time the elimination of plastic waste.

TYPE: Collective housing

DATE: March 2020

Detached house located in Murcia on a limestone hill. Located in Montepinar urbanization.


Hill House was proposed as an intervention on a plot with a steep terrain made up of limestone. Programmatically the needs of the house are solved on one floor. Taking advantage of the clearing in the mountains to generate an courtyard with a swimming pool.

TYPE: Detached house

DATE: January 2020

Terraced houses in Murcia. Architecture in the orchard of Murcia


The Raid houses are a project of semi-detached houses located in Murcia. The set looks for a spatial organization that makes the most of the garden on the plot, with the visuals oriented towards the vegetation.

TYPE: Terraced houses

DATE: November 2019

Rehabilitation of housing in El Palmar Murcia


The Palmar House project consisted of the rehabilitation of a single-family house in El Palmar Murcia. Building on existing structure. Located in the Huerta de Murcia.

TYPE: Detached house

DATE: November 2018

Collective housing in the desert


The Takla Makan houses are a residential complex located in the desert to house a self-sufficient community. The Takla Makan is a desert located in China, on the Silk Road. It is one of the hardest and most inhospitable deserts that exist. A habitat is proposed for the Ulgures, who are the inhabitants of the area, establishing collective corridor dwellings.

TYPE: Collective housing

DATE: March 2013

Torre Torso, multi-family housing project in Basel, Switzerland


Next to the Rhine river, the silhouette of the Torso Tower is cut out, in Basel, Switzerland. Which consists of a tower of one hundred houses of forty square meters and a shopping center.

TYPE: Collective housing

DATE: April 2012

Rehabilitation of housing in Vista Bella


Rehabilitation of a single-family home located in the Vista Bella neighborhood in Murcia.

TYPE: Detached house

DATE: March 2011

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