Casa Vesprada, luxury single-family home in Denia

Luxury single-family home in Denia

The Vesprada house is proposed as a luxury single-family home on a large plot located in Denia, Spain. The orography of the area allows the terraces of the plot to be staggered, which is resolved through an exterior terrace and a higher interior one. This generates an architectural tour o «Promenade architecturale« that allows to blur the intimacy of the spaces from the access of the plot to the living room of the house.

Home evening

The house is divided into two floors, establishing the day spaces on the ground floor and the rooms with more privacy on the upper floor. As a central location and in double height, the living room is located between the garden and the patio. Located between glass panels on both sides, this creates a space that acts as the node of the house, very bright and crossed by a walkway on the upper floor. The house has a bathroom with a thermal circuit, generating a walk-in closet, sauna and heated pool.

render chalet night
render chalet day

Alternation and day/night images. You can see the effect of the water reflections on the architecture and the cast shadows.

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