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habitability certificate

A habitability certificate is a document signed by an architect who certifies that a specific home meets the Habitability standards established in each Autonomous Community. I make habitability certificates in the provinces of Murcia and Alicante.

The certificates of habitability are required by the municipalities to grant the certificate of habitability or certificate of second occupation.

What is a Certificate of Habitability?

The certificate of habitability accredits that the house complies with the regulations in order to be considered as habitable space. The standards to be met depend on the Autonomous Community, taking into account that the homes must follow the regulations prior to their construction.. Since it is possible that there are several regulations in force, the most restrictive will always be chosen. Always complying with the principle of non-retroactivity of the law. In other words, a law drafted after the existence of the dwelling in use cannot be applied.


In the Murcia region, the norm drafted in Law 5/1995 did not establish changes in the habitability conditions of the houses. In the 3rd transitory provision it takes us back to the previous standard to take into account habitability requirements. Although said law has been repealed and replaced by Accessibility Law 4/2017, since no new habitability requirements have been established, it is still valid.

  • Law 5/1995, of April 7, habitability conditions in residential buildings and promotion of general accessibility.

This leaves us with the following accessibility standards to comply with.


In the case of the Valencian Community, since 1991 new regulations were available to replace the Order of May 20, 1981, DC09 is currently the current standard for the construction of new homes.

  • Homes after 2010: Design and quality standards DC09
  • Homes prior to 2010: HD91 standard

Repealed Legislation:

When is the certificate of habitability mandatory?

The certificate of habitability is a requirement to obtain the certificate of habitability from the municipalities. The certificate is the document that officially certifies that the property is a home, so it is essential in the sale, rental or contracting of supplies.

The certificate of occupancy is granted by the town hall of the municipality where the house is located. You can find out more about the habitability certificates by clicking on this button:

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