Raid houses, semi-detached houses in Murcia

Vivienda adosada en Murcia

Semi-detached houses in El Palmar (Murcia)

The Raid houses are a project of semi-detached houses located in Murcia. The set looks for a spatial organization that makes the most of the garden on the plot, with the visuals oriented towards the vegetation. The houses are designed for two families who live together. They are based on the community use of the exterior space and the individuality of the interior space. The Raid houses are organized in an open plan on the ground floor, placing the rooms on the top floor.

The common spaces of the semi-detached houses consist of a garage in the basement, an entrance hall and the outside garden. There is no physical separation from the outside garden, being a space for socialization and relationship between families. The environment of the Murcia orchard is a low-density housing area in which the set of Casas Raid is located.

The interior of the Raid Houses in Murcia is organized in such a way that the views towards the plot are sought, a common area for the inhabitants of the semi-detached houses. The houses are organized in two blocks out of phase with each other with the aim of expanding the surface of the facade, reducing that of the party wall.

Project plans

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