New construction architecture project

A new construction architecture project is the document used to define the characteristics and benefits that a project must offer to be built with the guarantees of safety, functionality, health, comfort and durability required. In the project, the work to be executed is defined and budgeted.

The correct definition of the project allows save costs in the execution of the work, stick to the budget and the established execution deadlines.

Residential architecture projects

Phases of a new construction project

To carry out a new construction architecture project, the work is divided into the following phases.

1. Preliminary draft

I raise the initial idea of the project. Several meetings are held and the distribution, materiality and decoration are outlined.

2. Basic Project

It is drawn up in order to obtain the building license from the City Council. This is the last phase where changes must be made to the project to avoid cost overruns.

3. Execution project

In this phase the structure is calculated and all the documents are made to be able to build the project.

4. Construction management

I carry out the control on site of the project, guaranteeing the quality of execution.

How much does a new construction project cost in Murcia?

A new construction project is valued based on the Material Execution Budget (PEM), which is the budget for the construction of the work. The architect's schedules usually range from 5%-10% of the PEM, distributing these fees in the different phases of the project: Preliminary Project, Basic Project, Execution Project and Construction Management.

what requirements Should you complete a new construction project?

New construction architecture projects must comply with the following regulations:

  • Building Planning Law.
  • Urban regulations Township.
  • Technical building Code.
  • Habitability conditions (in homes).
  • Regulation of thermal installations in buildings.
  • Eco-efficiency decree.

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