Elimination of architectural barriers

removal of architectural barriers

A project of descent to ground zero or removal of architectural barriers it is a reform project. Seeks to adapt an existing construction to allow access to people with reduced mobility.

Elimination of architectural barriers

In many buildings, the elevator access on the ground floor is above street level. This is because by raising the level of the hallway, the elevator pit could be made more easily. A project of descent to ground level, allows to save the stairs of the hall for people with reduced mobility. The following adaptation measures are usually carried out in the reform of the hallway:

  • Lowering of the elevator access reducing the depth of the pit.
  • Installation of ramps
  • Stair lift installation

Does the ramp fit in my hallway?

The ramps to be installed must comply with the Technical Building Code (CTE), specifically DB SUA 9, regarding ACCESSIBILITY. At most the following slopes can be used.

  • Ramp length <3m: Slope 10%
  • Ramp length <6m: Slope 8%
  • Ramp length> 6m: Slope 6%

It must be taken into account that the projects of removal of architectural barriers when you have to change the elevator. There are elevators that need reduced pits, so the level of the hall can be lowered considerably.

¿Do you need a license?

An architectural barrier removal project is a reform project that requires urban license. This is because structural elements of the building are modified.

1 Preliminary draft

We proceed to measure the current building and raise the planimetry. After this, the initial idea of eliminating architectural barriers is raised and shown to the client.

2 Basic and Execution Project

It is drawn up in order to obtain the building license from the City Council. If necessary, structural calculations of elements to be modified are carried out. Once the license is obtained, the work can be carried out.

3 Construction management

I carry out the on-site control of the project, guaranteeing the quality of execution.

How much does an architectural barrier removal project cost in Murcia?

In this type of work, the price depends mainly on the magnitude of the work, although it can be broken down into the following sections:

  • Material execution budget (PEM): A comparison will be made between 2 or 3 construction companies in elevator installers so that the decision is the most suitable economically and technically.
  • Administrative fees
  • Fee, which will depend on the PEM

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