Mule Spa

The mule spa It is a thermal complex located on the banks of the Segura river. It is colloquially known as Puebla of the Baths Or simply Bathrooms. These give visitors access to a hydrothermal spring that emerged in the 17th century after an earthquake.

Thermae project

The objective of the project is intervene in that area and establish its own program centralized in a new mule spa. In the first place, it is worth highlighting the need for common pools in the town, since access to thermal water is restricted to private pools that can be rented.

It is also noteworthy that in the northern part of the town there are a series of artificial terraces made as a consequence of the clearing of the abrupt orography. These abandoned terraces were made with the intention of adding buildings, although they were never built. Therefore is involved in this location, since on the one hand it follows the growth of the Baths. And on the other, it allows treating the border of the Baths with the environment. In addition, being a degraded land, its environmental impact is nil.

mule spa situation

Site plan of the spa

To: Hot spring

B: Car parks

C: Highway Access

D: Pub

AND: Hostel

F: source of the spring

G: Bathhouse

H: Mule River

The spa program.

Mula spa scheme
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1.- Access

The access to the spa is done through the Calle Cuesta Horno which allows to establish the limit of the Town of Los Baños and regenerate this street. In addition, this street is connected to surface car parks. Which in turn receive access from the new road, establishing the current road of the town as a pedestrian and service road.

2.- The reception of the complex

ANDhe reception space opens directly onto the street, creating a covered outdoor space that serves as a transition between the street and the spa. It also allows you to expand the space prior to the spa. This prevents access congestion.

3.- Changing rooms and showers

Underneath the reception space are the changing rooms and showers. Which are also with toilets. These changing rooms separate the thermal enclosure from the distribution core. Allowing in turn also give access to the therapeutic area.

4.- Thermal enclosure

The thermal enclosure It is located at the locker room level. It consists of hot water pool and warm water pool inside the building. And an outdoor space with a cold water pool.

5.- Therapeutic area

Going down the stairs of the communications module, we find the therapeutic area. Which consists of several modules with different applications and a pool of warm water open to the outside from above.

6.- Restaurant

Under the Spa we can find the restaurant, which communicates with a terrace. This is important, since the project is located on the gap between two terraces and its objective is to integrate these spaces with the rest of the constructions of the Baths.

That is why a currently unused building is integrated into the project and gives access to the restaurant terrace. The ground floor of the building becomes a portico and the first floor becomes a restaurant hall.

Project plans


Mula spa model
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