Pavilion for the entrance of the Valencia Ceramics Fair CEVISAMA

Tras El Umbral is conceived as a proposal for the reception of the ceramics fair CEVISAMA From Valencia. The pavilion was made in response to the call for TRANS / MILESTONES2020.

After the Threshold. Pavilion in CEVISAMA

The threshold (umbral) is a transitional space between exterior and interior, has traditionally been the architectural transition par excellence. It's an open space but I don't know You can say that it is outside or inside when it is covered. Is a transition space, and in the end transitions are the key element in architectural tours Therefore it is proposed for Trans-Milestones 2020 an exempt threshold, which will receive attendees to CEVISAMA allowing its passage.

Materiality of the pavilion

The main element The project is ceramic, which is coated. The pottery is a material with versatile properties, so it has some possibilities immense to convey sensations in architectural finishes.

The outside of our threshold must convey sobriety, although without being bland. While the interior must invite the visitor to enter the space, to touch it.

That is why I know choose the cladding of the Prisma range, which in addition to having finishes ceramic whites, have metallic. Keeping the same shape three-dimensional triangularized extrusions.

So that visually we will find a space with a metallic bronze finish polished inwards and white porcelain outwards, with triangular relief In the placated.

The space is it forms as a catenary arch of 4 × 4 meters of base and 3.03 meters high.

Constructively it executed by means of prefabricated pieces of wood and metal joined by bolts, which greatly simplifies the assembly and disassembly at the fair.

This structure is They will anchor the ceramic pieces using omega clips.

The materials chosen are fully recyclable, easy construction and assembly.


The choice of the bow catenary allows us to return to the first spaces created by man to take shelter, the primitive cabin. Which was nothing more than coverage to shelter from the outside, although in itself it meant the creation of a space.

The pottery in its plasticity allows to synthesize sensations, that is why a finish is sought sober outside and bright inside. It's about generating that feeling of security that the first constructions inspired people.

That is the magic of the architecture, the transmission of sensations through the use of space. In definitive, After the Threshold you will receive the visitors of the fair welcoming them and indicating the route to follow.

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