Virtual visit to the archaeological site of La Fonteta.

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I have made one virtual tour in La Fonteta in which I have tried one interactive musealization to spread wealth.

A few weeks ago I was able to see the archaeological site of La Fonteta in Guardamar del Segura. In this archaeological site, a few meters away there is a 8th century BC Phoenician city and a Rábita (Islamic monastery) from the 10th century AD

Characteristics of the virtual tour of La fonteta.

  • Adaptable to PC and smartphone version.
  • Includes didactic images.
  • It incorporates information nodes about the deposit.
  • Includes location map.
  • Videos can be added.
  • The spherical images have been uploaded to google maps incorporating a link in the route.
  • Embeddable on any website.

The archaeological site of La Fonteta.

The site is musealized, in it you can see the archaeological remains from a fenced path. In the virtual visit you can click on any of the nodes marked with a target and you will access the spherical image of that position.

Click and drag to look around

Virtual tour QR

The advantage of the virtual tour being a web link is that it can be physically distributed using the QR code system. So it can be incorporated into tourist information brochures.

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