Self-resistant floors

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Self-resistant slabs have been highlighted as an interesting option for the rapid construction of buildings. In this article, we will explore what this slab consists of, its advantages and its growing relevance in the construction industry.

self-resistant forging

What is Self-Resistant Forging?

Self-resistant flooring, also known as self-sustaining or self-supporting flooring, is a type of flooring that does not require shoring after its construction. The inclusion of prestressed or steel joists allows the floor to be able to be loaded once it has been built. This is a great advantage as it saves time and simplifies the process.

Advantages and disadvantages

  1. Safety and resistance: Self-resisting flooring is known for its exceptional ability to support heavy loads and resist external forces, such as earthquakes and high winds. This makes it an ideal choice for seismic zones and areas prone to extreme weather conditions.
  2. Structural efficiency: Since it is not necessary to shore up the floor, it is a more efficient method of constructing floors.
  3. Higher construction speed: By using prefabricated elements and easy-to-handle materials, the construction process tends to be faster and more efficient compared to other traditional methods.

Applications of Self-Resistant Slab

Self-resisting slabs find applications in various structures, from commercial and residential buildings to infrastructure such as bridges and viaducts. Its ability to withstand heavy loads and provide safety makes it a versatile and reliable choice for a wide range of construction projects.

The Relevance of this type of slabs in Construction

In the context of an ever-changing world and increasingly pressing environmental challenges, sustainable and safe construction has become a priority for the industry. Self-resisting slabs emerge as an attractive solution that meets these demands. As architects, engineers and builders look for alternatives to reduce the environmental footprint of their projects, this innovative construction system is presented as an option that responds to the needs of the present and the future.

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