PFC Nuevo Club Remo

The Nuevo Club Remo project was carried out as a Final Degree Project in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Spain). Being directed by the architect Juan Pedro Sanz Alarcón and co-directed by the architects Mariano Calabuig Soler and Maria Jesús Peñalver
It was exposed on March 15, 2018 before a court, composed of the architects: Miguel Centellas Soler, María Mestre Martí and Pedro Miguel Jiménez Vicario.
Obtaining the rating of outstanding, 9/10.

The development of an architectural complex that articulates various uses of a sports and leisure type is proposed in the area of the Segura River next to the Paseo del Malecón in the city of Murcia. The scope of action is located in the place that once occupied the Ponce palace, adjacent to the old headquarters of the Remo Club, demolished in 1997. Currently, this location represents an ideal urban void to generate a new focus of social activity that links the urban with the natural discourse of the river.



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Finalist Project Tamayouz for International Graduation Projects Award 2018

3º Galardón Premio Nacional de Arquitectura Novel Itesal 2018

Finalist Project reTH!NKING PFC 2019

Premio Difusión ETSAE 2018


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