Takla Makan housing

Takla Makan Collective housing in the desert

The Takla Makan houses are a housing complex located in the desert to house a self-sufficient community.

The Takla makan It is a desert located in China, on the silk road. It is one of the harshest and most inhospitable deserts that exist. A habitat is proposed for the Ulgures, who are the inhabitants of the area, establishing collective corridor dwellings.

Apartment building in China

The Project tries to deepen the corridor dwellings, introducing them into beams formed by trusses, which communicate from one distribution nucleus to another. Therefore, the houses have technical floors and ceilings. Where to house the facilities and the disposers.

The concept of the Takla Makan Houses is to generate the envelope of a large prism with other prisms, the beams. And in turn these with other prisms, the houses.

Project plans

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