Kievan wooden wardrobe doors collection

kievan cabinet finishes

The Kievan project is a collection of finishes for wardrobe doors. The use of wood and brass as work elements is proposed. Looking for sensorial and luminous complexity as well as material simplicity.

Kievan wooden wardrobe doors collection

The main elements that will make up the finish of the doors are a main linear brass element, with an integrated handle. Secondary lines of dark walnut wood sheet. And a 50mm thick poplar wood paneling, located between the linear elements. All this glued on the base of the closet doors, made of chipboard. Poplar wood is chosen for the interior lining of the wardrobe. That will be glued on the furniture panels.

folding wardrobe door
swing cabinet door open
sliding closet door
open sliding closet door

Modulation of the doors

An aesthetic modulation adaptable to various types of furniture is sought. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble at the factory. This allows its viability as an industrial production without giving up the authenticity of an exclusive design. For this reason, woods that are easily accessible on a large scale are chosen without importing them.

The reference of the Kiev Rus

The main aesthetic reference is the medieval wooden architecture of Eastern Europe, hence the name of the collection. The Rus of Kiev was a medieval state founded by the Viking Rus on the Slavic tribes. Being the germ of the modern states of Russia Belarus and Ukraine. The fusion of Slavic, Nordic and Byzantine cultures produced a material heritage in wood very rich in atmospheres and luminous nuances. Highlighting the use of lattices, gilding and paneled. Reaching a great development in the treatment of light in comparison with other contemporary cultures.

kievan rus
Still from the series vikings on the architecture of the Kiev Rus

That is why, as a reinterpretation, brass and wood were chosen as elements for this project. Poplar wood has an off-white color that reflects light a lot, while walnut is a dark wood that absorbs light. The brass adds a reflective touch, also serving as a handle for the doors. The combination of these elements causes the light in the room to increase in the range of yellow, giving the space a perception of intimacy and a feeling of home. This effect is intensified with artificial light, since its spectrum tends to tend towards yellow.

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