wooden architecture 1

wooden architecture

Cada vez es mayor el número de arquitectos y diseñadores que apuestan por materiales tradicionales, como la arquitectura de madera, con el fin de construir obras innovadoras. En los siguientes párrafos te explicaremos por qué se usa y cuáles son sus características, además de otros aspectos que debes considerar sobre read more...

pottery under construction

pottery under construction

Ceramic has been used in construction for many years. The ceramic material is made with a clay base that hardens after being fired. It can be said that because of man's need to adapt to the environment that surrounds him and make use of read more...

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paper architecture 1

paper architecture

Ingrid Siliakus dedicated herself to creating paper structures, an art known as 'paper architecture'. The first time he saw this technique was with a Japanese professor, Masahiro Catani, who developed a way to use leaves to make 3D structures, in the read more...

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excavations on site

Excavations on site

This article describes the Excavations on site, works that give rise to the esplanade below the initial grade of the land where to locate the foundation level. The problems derived from the exacation, the factors that intervene in the stability of the land, the slopes, the entivacones and the solutions to read more...

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Actions on structures.

Actions on structures are divided into permanent, variable and accidental. The correct design of the structures will take them into account, since their function is to support them. The aim is to obtain a reliable structure, reliability being understood as a low percentage of failures. The relationship between reliability read more...