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Enter cultural center in Mazarrón
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Enter, Cultural Center in Mazarrón

Enter cultural center is conceived as a space of culture and sociocultural integration in the town of Mazarron, located in the southeast of the Region of Murcia. The setting of the site is an urban space formed by the disappearance of a food market that previously occupied the space. The origin of the site is located in a 17th century convent that gives its name to the square.
The urban space in which the project is inserted is located between the old town and the expansion. So the project must function as a link between both parts of the city. Traditionally, a market has been held on Saturdays in the square that formed the convent, and when it was demolished it was replaced by a market with a square floor plan. The new building must generate a space according to the needs. And that it is compatible with commercial use on Saturdays.

On the other hand, the main circulations must be taken into account so that the plaza channels the transit of people between the old town and the widening area. The building height of the surrounding buildings gives us clues about the proportions to follow and the building hierarchy.

Integration in the urban space

The sociocultural integration of the less favored groups is an important item in the project, since the location is located right in a hinge space between a degraded urban space and another with a medium-high socioeconomic level.
Most of the cultural facilities and public services are located in the upper middle socioeconomic level area. While the degraded areas of the old town have been losing services until practically only the administrative sphere remained.
This has displaced the population with greater purchasing power from the old town to the new areas of expansion of the city, resulting in its replacement by immigrant groups with less purchasing power. And in turn, the risk of exclusion of these groups has increased, as they lack public services and occupy the areas in the worst state of the town.

Urban regeneration through activities in Mazarrón.

The regeneration of degraded environments and the integration of cultural collectives and minorities have several antecedents in the great capitals of the world. Small-scale cultural activities allow people without resources to access culture and express themselves. away from marginality.

The equipment to be developed at the site must be cultural, since the neighborhood where it is located lacks cultural services. A survey extracted the interests of the various ethnic communities in the area. Coming to the conclusion of the Entreculturas Center. A mixed equipment of artistic workshops and teaching and learning areas. The stimulation of the cultural activity of the neighborhood will ensure the integration of the collectives and avoid social marginalization.

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