Collective architecture



Tras El Umbral is conceived as a proposal for the reception of the ceramics fair CEVISAMA from Valencia. The project was carried out in response to the call for TRANS / MILESTONES2020.

TYPE: Pavillon

DATE: July 2019

Templo católico en Ruanda


Religious architecture is usually the core of human settlements. The concept of the Rwanda Chapel contest of Young Architects competitions, consists of creating a meeting and prayer space for the Rukomo community, a small town in Rwanda.

TYPE: Church

DATE: July 2019

Hábitat espacial autoconstruible para el asentamiento humano en el espacio


Daedalus station, named after Daedalus the father of Icarus, aims to be the starting point of space colonization and testing center for space mining. It is situated in the low orbit of the earth, at 1500km altitude. This allows it to be protected from radiation by Van Allen Belts.

TYPE: Space Habitat

DATE: March 2019

Laboratorio ártico climatológico


The Red Lab Expedition consists of an arctic climatological research laboratory, the Red Lab, which will move with the ice pack following the drift of the ice.

TYPE: Arctic Expedition

DATE: August 2018

Escuela de piraguismo en Murcia


The Nuevo Club Remo project was exhibited as a PFC of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena on March 15, 2018. The development of an architectural complex that articulates various sports and leisure uses in the area of the Rio Segura is proposed along with the Paseo de El Malecón in the city of Murcia.

TYPE: Canoeing school

DATE: March 2018

Concurso Kaira Loroo


The Hive project proposes an ecumenical temple in the town of Tanaf, in Senegal. The region is affected by a pressing lack of basic infrastructures, so the multifunctionality of the space is essential.

TYPE: Ecumenical temple in Tanaf

DATE: March 2017

Centro de piraguismo en Lo Pagán


The Feel project is conceived as a School of Canoeing and water sports in They pay it, Murcia.

TYPE: Artists Residence

DATE: May 2016

Arenal se concibe como un albergue respetuoso con el paisaje en la Manga del Mar Menor


Arenal is conceived as a hostel that respects the landscape in La Manga del Mar Menor. Being located in an empty space that has been between urbanized areas.

TYPE: Modular accommodation

DATE: December 2015

Centro de deportistas en Mazarrón arquitectura on


In Architecture ÖN it is proposed to relate uses and spaces with materiality, which should conceptually influence the development of activities to be carried out in said spaces.

TYPE: Modular accommodation

DATE: December 2015

Biblioteca, centro cultural en Mazarrón


Enter cultural center is conceived as a space of culture and sociocultural integration in the town of Mazarron, located in the southeast of the Murcia Region. The environment of the site is an urban gap formed by the disappearance of a food market that previously occupied the space.

TYPE: Cultural Center

DATE: December 2013

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