Evaluation Report of the Building in Cartagena

evaluation report of the Cartagena building

You IEE, Building Assessment Report in Cartagena. He IEE it is a mandatory document for residential buildings older than 50 years. The report includes a Technical Building Inspection (ITE), an Accessibility Report and a Collective Certificate of Energy Efficiency.

Evaluation Report of the Building in Cartagena

I do the Technical inspection of your building in Cartagena and with the data I will elaborate the Building Evaluation Report. In the inspection I must visit at least half of the homes, the roof and the common areas. With the IEE a collective energy certificate of the building is made.

What is the IEE for?

The function of the Building Assessment Report is to ensure a state of safe use. Be accessible and energy efficient. The IEE is required to request help with the repair, accessibility or installation of solar panels.

Work process for the Building Evaluation Report in Cartagena

The work process is as follows:

  1. After receiving the order I will send you an estimate.
  2. Once the budget is accepted, I will visit the building for the complete visual inspection.
  3. I will write the report and I will give it to you to review before registering it.
  4. After this, I will endorse it at the Official College of Architects and I will present at the Town Hall at no extra cost to you. 
  5. Once registered I will send you all the documentation with the fully valid IEE.

Building Evaluation Report in the Region of Murcia.

In Cartagena the Report is registered in the portal of the Region of Murcia. We can access the following link: Information portal for building evaluation reports.

Applicable legislation.

Law 13/2015, of March 30, on territorial and urban planning of the Region of Murcia

Decree no. 34/2015, of March 13, which regulates the building evaluation report and creates the Registry of Building Evaluation Reports in the Region of Murcia

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