Building Assessment Report

building evaluation report

The IEE or Building Evaluation Report is a report that includes the technical inspection of the building, ITE. Plus energy efficiency and accessibility certificates.

It is an inspection that collective housing buildings over 50 years old must pass.

What is the difference between IEE and ITE?

Until 2013, with the entry into force of Law 8/2013 on Urban Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Renewal, the ITE or Technical Inspection of Buildings it was modified for collective housing. From then on, the review of the conditions of accessibility and energy efficiency was added to the technical inspection through complementary certificates. For this reason, the procedure became IEE or Building Evaluation Report. Including the accessibility certificate, the energy efficiency certificate and the technical inspection of the building (ITE).

What is the IEE for?

The purpose of this report is check the safety, stability and reinforcement conditions of the building. Along with accessibility and energy efficiency. In other words, it is about ensuring that the building in question meets the safety, health, accessibility and decoration requirements established by law.

To carry out the technical inspection of the building, a visual inspection of various elements must be carried out, for example: structure and foundations of buildings waterproofing (roofs, eaves and flat roofs) facades partitions, etc. . walls (plinths, projections...) walls floors plumbing and electricity. Despite the fact that the technical inspection of the building is done visually, the expert must propose all the tests he deems necessary for the elements in question, when defects are discovered.

¿When is it necessary to pass the Building evaluation report?

It must be taken into account that the objective of the IEE is the acquisition of a Certificate of Aptitude, which is granted by the Autonomous Community.

Depending on the result of the ITE, the Certificate of Aptitude will be valid between 0 and 10 years, depending on the type of deficiencies it will be:

  • Mild or no deficiencies: term of 10 years to carry out the following IEE. The certificate of aptitude is qualified as "apt". The IEE is FAVORABLE.
  • important: term of 6 years to rehabilitate the building and pass the next IEE. The aptitude certificate qualifies as "provisional fit". IEE UNFAVORABLE.
  • Very serious or serious: period of 3 years to rehabilitate the building and carry out the next IEE. The aptitude certificate qualifies as "precautionarily suitable". IEE UNFAVORABLE.

¿How to pass the IEE?

  • Initial receipt of housing data by the client and acceptance of the budget.
  • Visit to the property. It is necessary in multi-family housing to see at least 50 % of the dwellings.
  • Preparation of the report with the data of the visits.
  • Delivery of the signed IEE to the client.

Building Evaluation Report in the Region of Murcia.

In the Region of Murcia, the IEE is presented in the following portal: Information portal for building evaluation reports.

Applicable legislation in the Region of Murcia.

Law 13/2015, of March 30, on territorial and urban planning of the Region of Murcia

Decree no. 34/2015, of March 13, which regulates the building evaluation report and creates the Registry of Building Evaluation Reports in the Region of Murcia

Evaluation Report of the Building in the Valencian Community.

In the Valencian Community the IEE is presented in the following portal: Evaluation Report of the Valencian Community Building (IEE.CV)

Applicable legislation in the Valencian Community.

Decree 53/2018, of April 27, of the Consell, which regulates the preparation of the evaluation report of the building for residential housing use and its regional Registry in the Valencian Community.

Legislative Decree 1/2021, of June 18, of the Council of approval of the revised text of the Law on land use, urban planning and landscape.

Resolution of March 3, 2015, of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Territory and Environment, approving the recognized document with code DRD 08 called «Procedure for the preparation of the Building Assessment Report. Valencian Community”.

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