Registration of houses for tourist use in Los Alcázares

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I am here to accompany you in the procedures and in the organization of all the necessary documentation for the registration of homes for tourist use (VUT) in Los Alcázares.

What is a home for tourist use?

Tourist use dwellings (VUT) refer to those dwellings that are rented to tourists while maintaining their residential character, instead of having a commercial purpose. Unlike conventional rentals, tourist rentals always have a pre-established duration and are short-term.

It is common for these homes to share a building with permanent residents who have no relationship with the vacation rental. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the authorization of the community of owners to carry out the activity of housing for tourist use (VUT) in said building.

In the Region of Murcia, houses for tourist use (VUT) can be rented in their entirety or by rooms. However, if you opt for renting rooms, only a registered natural person who habitually resides in the home may carry out the exploitation of said activity.

What is needed to register my home as VUT?

It is essential to obtain the approval of the community of owners before renting your home as tourist accommodation. If the tenants must pass through common areas to access the house, it will be necessary to have the approval of the community of neighbors.

It is important to note that a home can only be used for tourist rental if it has the corresponding certificate of occupancy, which guarantees its legality and compliance with current regulations.

Request the Responsible Statement regarding homes for tourist use in Los Alcazares

After the above, We can process the responsible declaration in the Region of Murcia.

  • Responsible Declaration of Tourist Classification model P-1890.
  • List of the dwellings or the rooms of the dwellings for tourist use, in Excel format, with their identifying data including their cadastral reference and their capacity. excel here
  • Payment of the corresponding fee (T330)

The following must also be taken into account:

It is an essential requirement to have an updated energy certificate for the home to carry out the rental process. Art. 3, Royal Decree 390/2021

What must housing for tourist use in the Region of Murcia comply with?

Homes for tourist use in Murcia must comply with the Decree no. 256/2019, of October 10, which regulates homes for tourist use in the Region of Murcia. The following requirements, among other provisions, must be met:

  • Installation of visible plate next to the entrance according to the Order of July 20, 2006 of the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption
  • Have complaint sheets in the terms established in Decree 3/2014, of January 31
  • Have civil liability insurance with a minimum coverage of three hundred thousand euros.
  • A fire extinguisher must be installed in an accessible place.
  • A first aid kit should be available.
  • The owners of the accommodation operation are obliged to issue invoices, or substitute documents, in the legally established manner.
  • There must be written information, at least in Spanish and English, on the telephone number 1-1-2 and other numbers in case of an emergency. In addition to tourist information.

Regulations to be met for homes for tourist use in Los Alcázares.

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