Registration of houses for tourist use

registration of houses for tourist use

the record of houses for tourist use Allows vacation rentals in private homes.

The VUT are registered in the corresponding Autonomous Community.

What is a home for tourist use?

Housing for tourist use (VUT) They are residential properties that are rented to tourists, but whose use is not strictly commercial, that is, they are still private homes.

In fact, it is common for these homes to have individuals completely unrelated to the vacation rental as neighbors, so the VUT must be authorized by the community of owners if it is located in a building. In addition, the city council must issue a certificate of compatibility that allows its registration in the register of the Autonomous Community.

What is needed to register my home as VUT?

Homes for tourist use are registered in an autonomous registry by means of a responsible declaration.

The following documentation is usually requested with the responsible declaration:

  • Certificate of urban compatibility of the city council
  • Proof of home ownership or lease agreement
  • Liability insurance
  • Payment of the corresponding fee

Once the activity has started, it is necessary to comply with the regional standard that regulates the VUT. The following is usually necessary:

  • Label on the door of the house indicating that it is a VUT
  • Evacuation plan of the house at the door
  • List of telephone numbers of interest
  • Complaint forms

In any case, it is advisable to read the corresponding regional regulation and adhere to what is required in it.

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