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habitability certificate Torrevieja

Do you need the Certificate of occupancy in the Town Hall of Torrevieja? This document is also known as second occupation certificate and it is requested as a responsible declaration in the Torrevieja City Council. For this you need a habitability certificate.

How much does a certificate of habitability cost in Torrevieja?

  • The cost of habitability certificate It is 150 euros up to 150 m2 of constructed area. The surface marked by the cadastre will be taken into account.
  • Presentation as your representative of the file in the Torrevieja City Hall and follow-up of the procedure. Extra cost of 50 euros + VAT
  • Discount of 5% if you contract Habitability Certificate + Energy Certificate

What is the difference between Certificate of Habitability and Certificate of Habitability?

The Certificate of Habitability is a technical certificate that must be signed by a registered architect, me in this case. This certificate guarantees that the home complies with the applicable regulations according to the date of construction of the home.

The Certificate of Habitability is an official document that is processed as a Responsible Declaration in the Torrevieja town hall.

How long does the Certificate of Habitability expire?

The Certificate of Habitability expires after 10 years or when one of the following cases occurs:

  1. When a new contract for water, gas or electricity supplies is made.
  2. In the case of the sale or transfer of property of the home

What do I need to obtain my habitability certificate in Torrevieja?

In the Torrevieja City Council, the habitability certificate corresponds to the following procedure:

Torrevieja habitability certificate form

Responsible declaration of 2nd occupation

To get the certificate of second occupation the Torrevieja City Council ask for the following documentation:

  • Application according to the established model. downloadable here:
  • Photocopy of the DNI, passport and NIE of the owner and the legal representative.
  • Photocopy of the power of attorney when acting on behalf of a company.
  • Photocopy of the deed of ownership or sale or updated simple note of the property registry.
  • Proof of payment of the Fee.
  • Certificate of Habitability of the house.

The rate in Torrevieja is €17.50

I accept bank transfer and bizum as payment methods.

What is the difference between the Certificate of Habitability and the Responsible Declaration of First or Second Occupation?

It is usually named interchangeably Certificate of Habitability, the Responsible Declaration of Second Occupation and the Certificate/License of Second Occupation; All these terms refer to the same procedure. In order to present this Responsible Declaration, the home must have been legally built and the first Certificate of Habitability must have been granted.

The Responsible Declaration of First Occupation, is requested after building a new home or in the case of legalization. Requires architectural project and final construction certificate.

What does the home require to obtain the certificate of habitability in Torrevieja?

In order for it to be possible to prepare the certificate of habitability, necessary to present the Responsible Declaration of 2nd Occupation in Torrevieja, the following requirements must be met:

  • -Have a water heater to supply the home with hot water.
  • -There must be at least one toilet equipped with: Toilet, sink and shower.
  • -At least there must be one bedroom that must be compartmentalized from the rest of the house with a partition and door.
  • -The rooms and living room must be ventilated and illuminated naturally through carpentry with a gap dimension according to the standard.
  • -It must have a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, sink and cooking area with a smoke extractor, or failing that, it must be attached to a window in such a way that smoke extraction is guaranteed.
  • -There can be no holes in the floor, walls or ceiling.
  • -There cannot be moldy humidity that could cause health problems.
  • -Windows must be able to close properly and there cannot be broken glass.

This is important, since even if you have the goal of renovating the house, you cannot request the certificate of habitability to register the supplies if the house is not habitable.

How much will I pay in total for the certificate of second occupation in Torrevieja?

Habitability Certificate Fees 150€


Write to me and I will take care of the Certificate of Habitability for your home

1. SEND ME an email to the ATTACHED form.

In the email you must indicate the address of the home and its cadastral reference.

The cadastral reference is in the property deed.

2. I will reply to you in less than 24 hours.

I will send you the budget and propose a day and time to visit the home.

To prepare the Certificate of Habitability I will need:

  • property deed
  • Photocopy of ID holder

3. I will visit the home to measure it.

After the visit you must pay me the budget fees. I accept bank transfer, bizum and cash.

I will give you the invoice along with the documentation ready in a few days.


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