Urban license

licencia urbanística

A urban planning project or urban project, It is the document that defines the urban proposal in detail. Indicate what the streets, common facilities and green areas will be like. It allows the transformation of developable land into urban land, and is subject to the criteria of the General urban planning plan Township.

Phases of an urban project

Urbanization is essential for transform the developable land into plots where you can build. The developer must be in charge of executing the roads and connections to the plots. Normally the General Plans mark compensation systems in which a percentage of the land must be assigned to the City Council for green areas or infrastructures. Each urbanization project follows different criteria, since it depends on municipal regulations. Where the areas of the plot, the assignments and the fees to be paid will be established.

To carry out an Urbanization project the work is divided into the following phases.

1. Preliminary draft

To be able to urbanize it is necessary to have developable land. Which is defined by the General urban planning plan (PGOU) of the municipality in question. At this point, the client is shown the possibilities established by the PGOU in terms of resulting plots. And the final costs will be approximated, comparing them with the value of the finished plots.

2. Basic Project

It is drawn up in order to obtain the urbanization license from the City Council. All the rules set in the PGOU must be met. It is recommended in this part to meet with municipal technicians to harmonize the project with the urban objectives of the municipality.

3. Execution project

In this phase, once the approval of the City Council has been obtained, the structural elements are calculated and all the documents are made to be able to build the project. It is possible that the City Council will request guarantees that it will return once the urbanization is executed.

4. Construction management

Once the license is obtained, I will check on site the correct execution of the project.

How much does an urbanization project cost?

An urban project is valued according to the Material Execution Budget (PEM), which is the budget for the construction of the work. The fees will depend on the characteristics of the project and its difficulty. The Architect's fees will be budgeted in an itemized manner.

What requirements must an urbanization project meet?

Urbanization projects must comply with the following regulations:

  • General urban planning plan Township
  • Urban regulations Township.
  • Technical building Code.
  • Urban Planning Law of the Autonomous Community.

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