Demolition project

A demolition project, establishes the organization to tear down a building without affecting the environment. To do this, several documents required by the corresponding town hall are drawn up which, together with the plans of the building to be demolished, allow obtaining the demolition license.

When is a demolition project required?

Whenever a building is demolished, the owner of the building, the developer or the builder must request the demolition project. Each council sets its requirements without there being a unified legal framework. The processing of licenses and the execution of the demolition can take 3 to 6 months being mandatory in the case of replacing an old building with a new project.

Phases of a demolition project

To carry out a demolition project, the work is divided into the following phases.

1. Survey of the current building

After visiting the building to be demolished, measurements are taken and plans are made to scale.

2. Demolition project

It is drawn up in order to obtain a demolition license from the City Council. It usually consists of the following documents:

  • Descriptive memory that explains in detail the reason for the demolition
  • Specifications
  • Budget
  • Work plans
  • Basic health and safety study
  • waste management plan

3. Execution of demolition

First, the fencing and the necessary facilities will be fixed to carry out the work safely. The services and supplies will be canceled and the contents of the building will be emptied. Always keep in mind that in case of valuable finds in the demolition, they will be owned by the owner of the building.

The demolition can be carried out in different ways, the most common being the use of heavy machinery. This phase culminates with the debris evacuation. Finally the demolition contractor will take care of the waste management which must be discharged at authorized points as indicated in the waste management plan.

How much does a demolition project cost in Murcia?

In the demolition of a building, the price depends on a variety of factors, starting with the dimensions of the building to be demolished. The demolition of a single-family home, a block of flats, a semi-detached house, or an industrial warehouse is not the same.

So, the cost of demolition will depend on the Material Execution Budget (PEM), municipal fees, designer's fees and taxes. The cost of a demolition project can be estimated at approximately 4% of the PEM. 

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