Augmented Reality applied to Architecture

Realidad aumentada
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Augmented reality is a big steap in our ability to perceive reality. It allows to see virtual information about real elements, improving their understanding. The applications of this technology are extensive, although here we are going to talk about augmented reality applied to the world of architecture.

Below, on this same page, you can see a series of images of 3d models and their respective markers to be able to view them on a smartphone. The concept is to be able to bring 3d modeling in architecture to the public without having to use professional software.

For this, augmented reality needs a platform that introduces the 3d models in the images to be used as markers. I work with the platform Aumentaty, and her Smarphone App Scope Although there are many options. Keep in mind that the smartphone will render the model live, which means you have to download it to view it.

In the image below attached the step-by-step instructions to use augmented reality on your mobile phones. The application is free.

Below are all the markers of my 3d models. To use them you can save the images by right clicking and printing them at home.


-Nuevo Club Remo-

Final Degree Project in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, qualified with outstanding.

Basilio Paredes

-Apartaments tower in Basel-

Located on an island on the Rhine River right on the border between Switzerland, France and Germany. Project for the rehabilitation of abandoned industrial environments.

Basilio Paredes

-Sport Center Mar Menor-

Sports center and artist residence located next to the Mar Menor

Basilio Paredes

- Maeght Foundation-

Mítico edificio realizado por Josep Lluis Sert en 1964 y situado en en Saint-Paul-de-Vence, en el sureste de Francia.

Basilio Paredes

-Módulo de Viviendas Viga-

Conjunto de vivienda plurifamiliar en Cartagena.

Basilio Paredes

-Vivienda en Vista Bella-

Proyecto de rehabilitación de vivienda adosada en el barrio de Vistabella (Murcia)

Basilio Paredes

-Vivienda Colina-

Vivienda realizada en acantilado en Cartagena

Basilio Paredes

-Viviendas Adosadas-

Módulos de vivienda adosada en Almería.

-Módulo Habitable Albergue-

Albergue-camping en La Manga del Mar Menor