Feel Canoeing School in Lo Pagan

The Feel project is conceived as a School of Canoeing and water sports in Lo Pagan, Murcia. The starting point of the project is a block on the seafront located in Santiago de la Rivera currently occupied by a hospital and several houses. Starting with a program consisting of a canoeing school and an artist's residence. Furthermore, after analyzing the place, the need for a public space that improves the quality of the urban space, providing it with spaciousness and vegetation, is concluded.


Volumetrically, the project is conceived as a stacked arrangement of cantilevered bands in which the lower space corresponds to sports activities and the upper spaces to cultural activities.
Modules with cantilevers facing the sea are proposed, which will feature the artistic activities of the artists' residence. While the space on the ground floor will be occupied by the canoeing school.

Light and materiality

The culmination of the project consists of an exhibition hall located in a cantilever perforated by a courtyard of lights.
The light and the materiality of the space condition the subjective value characteristics for the use of said space. That is why in the art workshops rooms with different lighting characteristics are compartmentalized. Allowing a diffuse screening of a lattice, a vertical stream of small skylights or a total opening to the landscape.
Since the orientation of the sea is Northeast, large glass panels are opened to capture the ocean view. While the other orientations are more opaque to the outside. Materially the building is a metallic structure formed by parallel porticos. The exterior is covered with a double corten steel skin, which has a great chromatic affinity with the surrounding colors.

Centro de piraguismo y deportes acuáticos en Lo Pagán