ITER, smartphone application

Iter application for smartphones of athletes in Cartagena

ITER, the application for runners in Cartagena

Iter is proposed, an application for smartphone with the aim of bringing the visitor closer to routes and points of interest in the city of Cartagena. The routes have an eclectic objective in order to cover the maximum possible activities, both individual and collective that can take advantage of the application. The Iter project uses google geolocation to establish routes and links related to the architectural and cultural heritage of Cartagena. the project

Outdoor activities in Cartagena

Iter as a smartphone application, proposes sports and cultural activities as an example, although the objective is to publicize the city. That is why it is considered as a public application in order to publicize the municipalities themselves and their corners of interest. To offer the visitor points of interest in accordance with their personal interests, a selection of preferences and an indexing system are available with the personal Facebook account. This allows knowing the interests of the visitor and being able to offer him something to his liking, choosing the best route on foot, by bicycle or by car and establishing the points of interest when choosing the route. Also locate the milestones according to your own tastes and provide the estimated time.

Project carried out in collaboration with: Victor Martinez Pacheco

ITER 2.0 Mazarrón

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