360º virtual tour

360 image

A 360º virtual tour, allows the visualization of the architectural project through spherical images. This is the system you use google maps to show your tours. It is a very flexible system that allows you to view the spaces from your mobile phone without the need to install any program.

Types of 360º virtual tours

Depending on the type of render processing, these can be divided into the following types, which differ in the quality of the image. To set up the 360º virtual tour and be able to be viewed online on this page, the company is used 360vr.es. That allows you to create these tours and then incorporate them into any website as an embedded element.

360º virtual tour created with Vray

Virtual tour performed by CPU, that is to say the processor of the computer. The 360º image was created with the Vray renderer and the modeling program 3dsMax. This system is the one that provides the best results, the image quality being much higher than the previous one. The added difficulty of this system is that it requires a model with photorealistic materials and then render it. Therefore it takes a lot of computational power and as a consequence more time to complete.

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