Animated Architecture Video

architecture animation

A Animated Architecture Video it is an animation created by a rendering program. It is used to show the architectural space created to clients or organizations. The advantage of this system is the ease of diffusion of the video format.

How do you create an animated architecture video?

To perform the Animated Architecture Video, I start from a 3d model of the project. Which opens with the Lumion rendering program. After adjusting the parameters of lights and materials, I place the camera path and render the video. Finally the last adjustments are made in adobe premier and the music is added.

The use of Architecture videos it is a great advantage when promoting a project. This is because the video format can be embedded as advertising on platforms such as YouTube with extensive, highly segmented diffusion.

Get in touch to order your video.

Request information or request a free estimate if you need an Architecture video. Leave a message in the questionnaire and I will contact you within a maximum period of 24 hours. Possibility of a face-to-face appointment in the Region of Murcia and Alicante (Spain).

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