Architecture renderings

architecture renderings

The architectural infographics or Architecture renderings they are computer generated images. Which are produced with programs that mimic the operation of cameras and light to give realism to the image.

Render types of Architecture

Depending on the type of render processing, these can be divided into the following types:

  • Renders per CPU run on the computer's processor. They tend to consume more resources to be created although they allow a more precise light calculation. As an example of a CPU rendering engine, we have Vray, which can reach levels of realism that are difficult to distinguish from photographs.
  • GPU renders run through the graphics card. They allow for acceptable quality with tight resource usage. In general, it takes much less time than CPU renders. An example of a GPU rendering engine would be Lumion. This speed increase allows you to create renders and videos with a moderate consumption of resources.

Renders per CPU

CPU renders provide the highest quality, by mimicking the operation of light quite precisely. The program I use is the one that is usually the standard of the industry. That is to say modeling with 3dsMax and rendering with Vray.

Interior images


As can be seen from the image, the interior images produced are of exceptional quality. The light bounces off the model, imitating reflections and refractions quite successfully. On the other hand, the configuration of the program allows you to create materials in a completely free way. The use of texture, bump, reflection, refraction and albedo maps is common.

Exterior images

Rehabilitation of housing in Vistabella

In exterior images, the quality in turn is higher than the quality by GPU although the level of difficulty to achieve photorealism increases. The sunlight it generates is usually very realistic, and can be modified at will.

Renders by GPU

Although there are many programs to produce GPU renders, I use Lumion. This program requires few resources to generate images of acceptable quality. You can create images, spherical images and videos. Being necessary to create a 3D model previously. It does not usually give problems with the import of materials, although it only uses two maps: Texture and bump.

Interior images

render interior GPU basilio paredes

As can be seen from the image, the interior images produced are of acceptable quality. It is important to always introduce high quality 3D models. And reflections must be marked manually, since light works in a very simple way. Anyway, it is worth the quality time relationship.

Exterior images

Detached house located in Murcia on a limestone hill. Located in Montepinar urbanization.

As for the exterior images, the quality of the light is visible. Giving a worse realism effect than interior renderings. Anyway, the program gives an effect that, although it is not perfect, does its job. The plants in the image belong to Lumion's own collection. It is noteworthy that the quality of the models of trees and plants is more than acceptable. Since Lumion images are produced quickly, making videos is highly recommended for promoting projects.

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