Evacuation plan in Guardamar

evacuation plan

I prepare your evacuation plan in Guardamar.

Evacuation Plans play an essential role in offering information to people who are in a certain place. This information includes details on the location of exits, manual fire extinguishing equipment and alarm systems in fire situations.

What is an evacuation plan?

Signage for emergencies and fire prevention measures, materialized in the form of evacuation plans, constitutes a vital component when it comes to safety. Therefore, it is crucial to have signage that is effective and efficient in different types of establishments. This implies the obligation to have an Evacuation Plan.

Evacuation plan in Guardamar

My job is to create evacuation plans in Guardamar. To do this, I will carry out a visit to the property or premises in question. I will measure everything necessary to design the plan and print it following the rules of the required format. Once completed, I will be willing to provide the plan for installation.

As established by the regulations, in these plans it is essential to integrate, among other elements:

  • A heading that indicates "EVACUATION PLAN".
  • Signaling of the current location by indicating “You Are Here”.
  • The clear differentiation of evacuation routes into main, secondary and accessible categories.
  • The specification of the position of the exits, including verification whether they lead to the outside.
  • The indication of the location of stairs and elevators intended to be used in emergency situations.
  • Exhibition of the location of manual fire extinguishing equipment and alert and alarm systems.
  • Identification of Refuge Areas and Assembly Points.
  • The provision of instructions to act in emergency cases, accompanied by a legend that clarifies the symbols used in the plan.
  • The inclusion of a legend that clarifies the symbols used.
  • In situations where the entire floor cannot be shown in a single plan, it is necessary to highlight the location of the meeting point and provide a smaller, complete plan that highlights the area of the establishment in which we are located.
  • The indication of the plant number or the name of the area represented.
  • The display of the date the plan was prepared and its revision number.
  • Mention of the name of the company that prepared the plan.

Evacuation plan for VUT

In homes for tourist use, it is an essential requirement to place an evacuation plan on the door, which complies with category B. These evacuation plans must be designed with a scale of 1:100 and can be presented in DIN-format. A3 or DIN-A4. In most situations, due to the size of the plan, plans for housing for tourist use are printed in DIN-A3 format.

It is extremely important to highlight that these evacuation plans must be printed on self-luminous posters. The responsibility for taking measurements, preparing the plans and managing the printing falls on me.

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