Evacuation plan in Cartagena

evacuation plan

Evacuation plan in Cartagena.

The primary function of Evacuation Plans is to provide information to people in a given location, which includes data on the location of exits, manual fire extinguishing devices, and fire alert systems.

What is an evacuation plan?

Emergency signage and preventive measures against fire, expressed through evacuation plans, play a fundamental role in terms of safety. Consequently, it is essential to ensure the presence of signage that is effective and efficient in various establishments. This involves guaranteeing the existence of the Evacuation Plan.

Cartagena evacuation plan

Evacuation plan in Cartagena

I am in charge of preparing evacuation plans in Cartagena. To carry out this process, I will visit the property or premises in question. I will take all the necessary measurements to create the plan, and then I will print it following the required standardized format. Once the plan is ready, I will be happy to provide it to you for installation.

In accordance with the regulatory guidelines, it is necessary to incorporate a series of essential elements into these plans, which include:

  • A title that announces "EVACUATION PLAN."
  • Indication of the current location with the sign “You Are Here”.
  • The clear distinction of evacuation routes into main, secondary and accessible categories.
  • The specification of the position of the exits, including checking whether they lead outside.
  • Signage of the location of stairs and elevators intended to be used in emergency situations.
  • Exhibition of the location of manual fire extinguishing devices and alert and alarm systems.
  • The identification of Safeguard Zones and Meeting Points.
  • The provision of instructions to act in emergency situations, accompanied by a legend that explains the symbols used in the plan.
  • The inclusion of a legend that clarifies the symbology used.
  • In situations where the entire floor cannot be shown in a single plan, it is necessary to highlight the location of the meeting point and provide a smaller complete plan that highlights the area of the establishment in which we are located.
  • The indication of the plant number or the name of the area represented.
  • The presentation of the date on which the plan was prepared and its revision number.
  • Mention of the name of the company that prepared the plan.

Evacuation plan for VUT

In homes for tourist use, it is mandatory to place an evacuation plan on the door, following category B. These plans must comply with a scale of 1:100 and can be presented in DIN-A3 or DIN-A4 format. In most cases, due to the size, plans for tourist homes are printed in DIN-A3 format. It should be noted that these plans must be printed on self-luminous posters, and I am in charge of measuring, designing the plans and managing the printing.

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