The crown of the city

This post will explain the concept of the Crown of the city, one of the antecedents of the Modern Movement. A century has passed since this utopian approach, expressed in response to the rapid social changes caused by the Great War. An analogy can be established by bridging the gap with read more...

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Map of Murcia in the 19th century

Urban development of Murcia city II

Continuing the previous post on the urban development of Murcia, we are in the late Middle Ages. After the great Christian victory at Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212, Castilla began its expansion towards the south, favoring the Andalusian uprisings against the Almohads after their overwhelming defeat. Like that read more...

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Saint Denis stained glass window

Gothic Light and Space

The origin The conception of the Gothic space arises around the light and symbolism that permeates architecture. Giving a turn to the conception of light, which until that moment had been treated as a mere physical element. The light and the Gothic space, born as read more...

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Cartagena city

Urban development of the city of Cartagena

The city of Cartagena is located in the southeast of Spain. The evolution of its urban fabric has been accompanied by a profound transformation of its environment. The terrain played a great role in the evolution of the city. It is not surprising, because it was thanks to its peculiar orography read more...

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Adahuesca town in Somontano, Aragon

Urban planning after the Coronavirus

The recent COVID-19 epidemic has forever changed the way millions of people see the world, it is a crisis that marks the end of an era. The need to isolate themselves to contain the epidemic has accelerated the expansion of the digital job supply. The relocation of read more...

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