Actions on structures.

Actions on structures are divided into permanent, variable and accidental. The correct design of the structures will take them into account, since their function is to support them. The aim is to obtain a reliable structure, reliability being understood as a low percentage of failures. The relationship between reliability read more...

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diseño de estructuras

Structure design, 5 things to consider.

The design of structures is essential when designing architecture. Advancing in concepts and typologies requires taking risks and proposing structures that are different from the usual models. In this post, 5 items are considered when designing a structure. Earthquake resistance In seismic zones, read more...

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Composite sheet metal slabs

Composite sheet slabs are a type of composite slab that introduces a corrugated galvanized steel sheet and a compression layer of concrete. This sheet acts by avoiding the use of shoring in the slabs, since they are capable of completely supporting the concrete while it sets. Plus it's plate read more...

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elementos estructurales lineales


Linear structural elements in concrete are columns and beams. Concrete columns work mainly with compressive stresses and beams with flexural stress.Many times compression and bending are combined and we have two cases: one in which compression predominates in read more...