3d printed buildings on the moon

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Olympus project

Olympus project

The Architecture studio BIG and 3D printed construction company ICON have revealed that they are working on Project Olympus. Which aims to develop the construction of 3d printed buildings on the moon. BIG and SEArch + were recruited for the project by ICON. After receiving a contract from the US government promoted with funds from NASA.

The Olympus project aims to develop a 3D printed infrastructure to live on the moon using the regolith lunar.

"With ICON we are pioneers in new frontiers, both from a material, technological and environmental point of view"

Said BIG founder Bjarke Ingels.

Buildings on the Moon

access lunar constructions

Working with him Marshall Space Flight Center from NASA in Huntsville, Alabama. The team will use a lunar soil simulator to investigate the logistics that allow 3d-printed Architecture on the Moon. While other projects have suggested inflatables or metal structures, Project Olympus is aimed at creating a sturdy construction. That protects its inhabitants from radiation and maintains the best hygrothermal conditions.

The habitat lunar will be designed with criteria of ergonomics and rationalization of resources, while 3d printing robots will be used. Which will melt the regolith creating a vitreous paste as a constructive element. 3D printing using indigenous materials is a versatile and sustainable solution for off-world construction that will be vital to our future here on Earth and in outer space.

"With the technologies and efficiency parameters developed for the construction of extraterrestrial buildings, Project Olympus will also help us to build sustainably on planet Earth as we strive to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment."

Said BIG partner Martin Voelkle


3d printed olympus structures

ICON received the government grant for space exploration after working on sustainable building systems using 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials. In 2018, it completed its first 3D printed house in the US.

"Building mankind's first home on another world will be the most ambitious construction project in human history and will take science, engineering, technology and architecture to literal new heights"

Said ICON co-founder Jason Ballard.

The project is part of NASA's commitment to establish a permanent base on the moon, which includes the Artemis program to place the first woman and the next man on the satellite in 2024. Earlier this year, NASA commissioned Blue Jeff Bezos's Origin and Elon Musk's SpaceX as companies tasked with developing vehicles for the planned landing.

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